Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Apologies for the long break!!

Hi one and all, my apologies for the long break between blog posts.  I have been very, very busy here on the island.  I have just finished a new website for a client - and have volunteered to translate the website from german into english.  Nearly finished with this one too so perhaps I will have a little time to spare.

You know it really is sad the way some people treat their animals.  I have come across so many sad stories, while translating the website, about animals here on Mallorca it really is hard to understand where these people are coming from.   Even more amazing, and we have experienced this with our own rescued dogs, is that those rescued have so much love that they are willing to give to you despite their ill treatment with others.   

Thank goodness for the people who run the animal shelters here on the island. They really have hearts of gold, this can be such a thankless task, especially when owners give up their animals because 'they don't have time for them (after eight years and the animal is dreadfully ill') or 'they are now too old (at six months)'. 

I will not dwell on it too long, all of the information is on the website, which I am hoping to have complete by the end of the year.  2011 should be the beginning for Feliz Animal in english under the website

Please check it out and if you can help in any way the animals and volunteers of this association would be very grateful!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Some good news if you live in Manacor!

Manacor Council set to freeze municipal taxes
22 October 2010 15:53 - Euro Weekly News

The financial institutions with ATMs on public roads will be charged €510 per year per ATM. There are currently fifteen ATMs in the town, which will help to raise €7,650. There will be a 1.5 per cent tax on every call made through mobile phone operators, which is expected to raise €150,000.

"It's a matter stipulated by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities (FEM), and completely applicable here," argued Finance Councillor Llorenç Bosch.

Both developments should be ratified tomorrow (Friday) at an extraordinary plenary session. This is a decision taken “to alleviate the effects of the crisis on citizens,” declared Bosch.

Another area that requires funds is the incineration of rubbish for which at least €20million is required.

Bosch revealed that “€11million will come from property tax (IBI), €3million from vehicle tax and the rest from capital gains tax and building permits tax on rural land.”

The Town Hall will also be saving €556,000 by year end through the 5 per cent salary cuts of city officials which took effect in July. Manacor is still has 75 per cent of the debted permitted by law, although they say they are working towards the more acceptable 30 per cent.

Inca Town   Hall also announced this week that they would be freezing municipal taxes next year.

Friday, 27 August 2010

What a very, very hot summer!!!

I know we should not complain, but that is what the British do best!! Only teasing, I am very grateful for this fantastic weather and just wish others could enjoy the sunshine, blue skies and wonderful warm waters around our coastline.  

Having started off quite disappointing at the beginning of the year, where, for Mallorca it was really quite cold until almost the end of May and beginning of June, we now have wonderful 'hot' days, perfect for relaxing in.  Ok for you guys working here it is not so much fun, especially when no matter what you are wearing, half an hour down the line it is soaking.  After a shower you are actually wetter than when you were in there even after drying yourself.  Still I love it, so much better to have such long, bright days that go on and on until at least nine in the evening than short cold and wet ones.

There really is nowhere better than this wonderful island which has so many things going for it.  We can even grown our own fruit in this wonderful climate. We have fruit trees on our terrace which absolutely love this weather, our lemon tree has so many little green fruits and our little clementine tree also has fruit this year, it is the first year for this one.  The lemon tree we have had three years now.  They do take a while to settle down and produce fruit but when they do it is wonderful to see them produce such fresh and tasty fruit.  Still waiting for our nectarine and cherry to produce.  I just love having fruit trees on the terrace.  We are also trying to grow olives, figs, pomegranates and grapes.

Sorry it has been a while since writing, I have been working hard on AdsMallorca, adding lots of articles about the many different sides of Mallorca and all you can experience. 

I will try and come back a little sooner next time.

If you haven't decided where to go on holiday either this year or next check out AdsMallorca for information on all you can do on Mallorca, you never know I might bump into you when you are here!!